Who is bspkrs?

bspkrs (pronounced "bē spēkərs") is a 30-something father of 3 living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. His nickname is an abbreviation of the words "briefcase speakers". He currently works as an application developer for an Oracle-based big-data analytics product in the healthcare industry. He enjoys shooting skeet, wasting time on IRC, occasionally writing code related to Minecraft, and otherwise being a complete nerd.

bspkrs started playing Minecraft reletively late in the game in November 2011 just after the official 1.0 release of the game. After putzing around with the vanilla game for about a month he tried playing with the Yogbox modpack and was instantly hooked on modded MC gameplay. This is also where he found some of his favorite mods: IngameInfo, FloatingRuins, StartingInventory, and, of course, Treecapitator. Playing vanilla MC never felt truly complete after that.

A few months later Minecraft 1.1 was released. Hooray! An update! bspkrs decided to go and download the latest Yogbox release for MC 1.1. Not surprisingly, the Yogbox hadn't been updated yet for 1.1. Crap. Undeterred, bspkrs did some googling and found the Minecraft Forum threads for his favorite mods to check for 1.1 updates. He came across the thread for DaftPVF's mods and found that although Treecapitator was updated, none of the other mods had links for 1.1 downloads. Hmm. Crap again.

Wait a second... isn't Minecraft written in Java? bspkrs went to college... for computer science even. He should just figure out how to update these mods himself. Maybe the guy who made them just isn't interested in Minecraft anymore (turns out that was the case). After messing around with MCP for a few days and getting the mods working, bspkrs posted a message on the forum thread asking DaftPVF if he could release his MC 1.1 updates of DaftPVF's mods. DaftPVF agreed! The rest, as the old cliché goes, is history...

For the curious, here is some unflattering photographic evidence that bspkrs is a human being (with helpful arrows to avoid confusion):

bspkrs at age 18

Sucking at bass with Poena Damni.

Reflective selfie

From the college days. Hi Josh!.

On the roof

That's Philly in the background.

What is this I don't even

Unflattering is an understatement.

The Half Witt

From the sailboat captaining days. In bspkrs' defense the sailboat's name was Ike Witt.

Being captain has perks

At least there is something nice to look at in this picture...

On the bow

Chubbs was a good little dog. R.I.P. Chubbs.

With #1

Heh... his kid is a monkey.

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